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Cisco Webex Enabled Conference Room

Check out our newest video blog: A high level overview of a Cisco Webex Enabled Conference Room:

Cisco UCOS 12.5/11.6 Upgrade Bedtime Stories

I’ve decided a blog detailing the upgrade experience in Cisco’s UCOS 12.5 UCCX 11.6 release would be a good enough read for a blog, as there are some some items…

Cisco Unity Connection – Split Brain

The Spint Brain Recovery condition in Unity Connections is an odd state to find your Unity Connections cluster in, for sure. One thing is certain though, ‘something‘ happened, and this…

The Latest on Cisco Webex Video Devices

The Latest and Greatest from Cisco Webex Video Devices!

Why Globalized E.164 Dial Plans for your Cisco UC Environment?

Talking to a client recently, the discussion around proper dial plan design came up, as it often does of course.  There is we believe, a misconception that a “Globalized” dial…