Cloud Solutions

Cloud services are often misunderstood, even by many within the information technology field. Often, a vendor's cloud offerings really are hosted solutions in disguise. Cloud computing can be an excellent way to obtain a higher level of capability, performance, availability, and mobility without large capital expenditure costs associated with building your own infrastructure from the ground up. It can empower your workforce to operate efficiently from virtually anywhere, and truly realize the concept that work is something you do, not a place that you go.

At the same time, the use of cloud computing requires that a company fully understand the business impact to giving up some control of the infrastructure in exchange for the cost efficiencies. Questions such as "who owns my data?", "what controls are in place to prevent unauthorized access or distribution?, or what happens if I need to bring the data back in-house?".

Not all services are created equal, and Byteworks understands this in great detail. We can assist you in deciding where and if cloud services make sense for your operations, and work with you in determining which provider is best for your environment.

Rarely is there a 'one size fits all' solution, and our vendor-agnostic engineering-led approach uniquely enables us to objectively evaluate and recommend solutions - whether that means fully on-premise, fully cloud-based, or a hybrid approach for something in-between.

While others will just quote and install, Byteworks always pushes to make sure what we're asking for is what we actually need."
- Tom Proctor, Envistacom