Come join Byteworks for the Cisco 3100 Firewall Hands-on “Test Drive” at the Cisco Coda Building!

In this event you will:

  • Review all the new capabilities of the new Cisco 3100 Firewall
  • Get to interact with all the features in a hands-on “test drive” lab – policy overview, threat management, and reporting
  • Understand how the new Cisco 3100 Firewall and other products fit into the overall Cisco XDR Security strategy

And last but not least, come take a tour of the new Cisco Coda building and it’s multiple floors of interactive use-case demos.


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    Overview of Workshops

    These workshops are designed for security architects and engineers who are evaluating firewall and security solutions.

    Presentation modules include:

    • Introduction to Cisco Security Platform and Cisco Secure Firewall
    • Firewall use cases and design considerations
    • What’s new in Secure Firewall, including key features and integrations
    • Tools and resources for test drive presentations and hands-on workshops
    Hands-on lab scenarios include:

    • Policy overview
    • Threat management
    • Reporting
    • High-availability configuration (optional)