Our Story

Who We Are

Byteworks was founded on the values of integrity, expertise, innovation, and relationship building. We have grown over the years but kept these core values in our heart. Every team member brings something unique to the team but also adds to the collective values, never depreciating them.

Creating relationships allows us to truly understand our partners’ needs and their vision. It helps us to engineer a solution that will help them meet mission requirements. We are driven to create long-term relationships with our customers, to become a partner in their growth and evolution as a company. We are not driven by sales, but by design. We do not sell products to fix a problem; rather we evaluate our customers’ needs and recommend the most effective and cost-efficient solutions to address both their immediate needs and their vision for the future.

Our engineers are technology evangelists who enthusiastically share ideas and inspire our customers by showing them new ways that technology can solve their problems. We see technology not as a means to an end, but as an instrument to streamline and enhance mission objectives. What you see as an IT problem, we see as an exciting opportunity to push technology to its limits and exceed your expectations.

Our Mission Statement

We want to serve as a technology advocate creating efficiencies in your organization through expertise, innovation, integrity, and relationship building. We believe these fundamental principles will bring dynamic change to the world, one user at a time.

Our Vision

The Customer

Everything that we do revolves around giving the customer the best IT experience we can deliver.

Teamwork >

Integrity >

Accountability >

Expertise >

Divergent >

Innovation >


This is about the relationship we build with our customers. Hopefully, we become a part of their team, and they ours.


Strength of character, commitment to the customer's vision. Having integrity means giving the customer what they need, not want you want.


On budget, on time. It is that simple.


True expertise is most easily demonstrated by making those around them, feel smarter


Limitless options, countless opportunities. Fearlessly walking a different path.


Start with the basics, try to avoid complications and work the requirement. Customer Requirement + Challenge + Creativity = Exceptional Opportunities

Company Leadership

James Willard

With over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology industry, James has generated a strong reputation based on his engineering capabilities and leadership qualities.

Since obtaining his first Cisco certification in 1999, James has traveled throughout the world, designing and implementing complex systems for Fortune 500 companies, the Department of Defense, the Department of State, medium and large businesses, service providers, federal civilian organizations, colleges, and universities. He has also served as Subject Matter Expert (SME) advising the United States Marines Corps System Command (MARCORSYSCOM) on the design and implementation of transportable communications systems.

His passion for solving complex problems and a high degree of familiarity with technologies allow James to quickly form system-wide mental models and effectively construct solutions that work reliably and effectively together. His specializations include network infrastructure, Unified Communications, network security, storage networking, LAN/WAN optimization, wireless and satellite communications, and virtualization. An alumnus of Georgia Tech, James independently supported clients until 2006 when he co-founded Sidereal Solutions, a successful tech firm that rapidly grew from 3 employees to 45 employees in 2009 before uniting with a larger company. In 2011, he joined former colleagues to start Byteworks, an innovative company built around the idea that technology should only be implemented in meaningful ways that accomplish business goals and improve customer interactions.


Chris Cook

Chris has over a decade of experience in the IT industry and has served as a technology adviser for government entities, emerging companies, and Fortune 500 enterprises. He began his career in a general IT Support role where he was exposed to a wide variety of technologies, initiating and growing partnerships with leading manufacturers. Being particularly drawn to unified communications and network infrastructure design, that is where Chris has focused his energy to establish himself as a subject matter expert.

Chris fundamentally believes that technology exists to provide gains in both efficiency and productivity. He understands that each of his clients has unique requirements, and he is passionate about exploring what technologies best accommodate those needs. This is accomplished by investing the time it takes to really get to know his clients and truly understand their business to help align technology initiatives with their unique business goals.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from Kennesaw State University and maintains dozens of active certifications with both Cisco and VMware. His familiarity with these solutions contributes greatly to the strength of the Byteworks engineering team.

After working closely with the Byteworks partners on many complex IT projects for over a decade, Chris discovered they shared his same approach, culture, and values. He was pleased to bring his experience and passion for technology to the Byteworks team in 2012.


Jeremiah Plaskett

A highly knowledgeable Unified Communications Engineer, Jeremiah is known as a persistent and passionate person, taking pleasure in successfully completing challenging technology projects.

Jeremiah is a seasoned information technology engineer with over 20 years of experience. Beginning his career in voice telecom, he soon switched to data networking and became the IT Manager for Aramark Sports and Entertainment at Turner Field, playing an integral role in game-day operations for the Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball team. He eventually accepted a position with a DoD contractor, working on projects for federal and civilian government agencies around the world. 

For the past ten years, Jeremiah has worked in the commercial space, working as a senior IT consultant and engineer spanning many verticals, including healthcare, education (public and private), public sector, and numerous commercial businesses.

Having worked closely with the Byteworks partners for over a decade, Jeremiah joined the company in 2013. Taking great pride in his designs and implementations, he has established a new standard at Byteworks for project documentation.

Jeremiah attended the Cisco Network Academy at Kennesaw State University in 2000 and currently holds over 30 different Cisco certifications and specializations. By staying on the cutting edge of these solutions, he helps clients navigate successfully through all the complexities, choices and decisions in deploying state of the art technologies.


Meaningful Impact

We all have a why. For some it may be economic, for others it may be artistic. At Byteworks, our culture attracts a couple different ‘why’s”. We believe we know two of the more important reasons we attract the best.

First, we take distinct pride in our customer understanding and partnership education; a two fold process. Understanding the customers challenges, concerns and intent as well as establishing a common set of expectations that everyone can understand and move towards.

Secondly, and at times more significant to the team, we want to have a meaningful impact on the world in which we inhabit. We take great pride in supporting customers with a similar corporate culture and complementary corporate identity. We hope with every partnership Byteworks engages in, both organizations become more complete and better suited to their own mission success.