Cyber Security

Chief Information Security Officer on Demand

A Cyber leader for your organization, on demand and building a solution that follows your corporate vision.  A partial or full solution that would improve enterprise resilience to external threats, decrease personnel and corporate internet based risks and provide a structure for growth based on budgetary goals and near/long term targets.

Enterprise Hardening

The right equipment, updated and properly configured to defend against a litany of cyber threats.  Attention to detail with meticulous concern for ensuring all networks and systems are fully operational.

Physical Safeguards

Understanding the physical environment is a significant part of a complete cyber security package.  Building physical security safeguards into a cyber security plan is pivotal to complete preparedness.

Incident Response

A click on a link in an email, opening an attachment.  Things happen, what next?

Social Engineering

It is increasingly easy to social engineer an entry into a corporate network.  Be prepared and plan ahead.