Bits and Bytes by Byteworks

The “Bits and Bytes” Podcast by Byteworks was created to share key updates, innovations, trends & best practices in the technology space.

We cover a broad array of topics in a way that’s informative, relevant, and engaging without the self-serving narrative. We aim to share industry best practices, drive awareness, and discuss what thought leaders share.

Rather than focusing only on one area of interest, our diverse partner network offers substantial informative value tackling challenges and growth aspirations that exist in both B2B and B2C.


Hosted by

Matthew Scott Co-Host, VP of Sales and Marketing

Matthew Scott

Co-Host, VP of Sales and Marketing

Passionate about sharing best practices, growth strategies, and delivering valuable content to every “Bits and Bytes” listener. Matthew leads the strategy for Byteworks outbound initiatives within Sales and Marketing, and has a mission to scale our voice to foster greater collaboration amongst our Byteworks ecosystem.

Joey Wenzler

Co-Host, Producer

Georgia Association of Broadcasters award-winning show host and producer. Joey loves audio engineering, video editing, and strategizing creatively. He is a lover of Philadelphia sports teams and craft beer.