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Cybersecurity has always been a complex proposition. But when you’re also dealing with a growing list of digital threats and a changing work environment, it makes something that was already complex significantly more challenging.

With proven experience helping organizations in the commercial and military world defend their critical assets, Byteworks will help you keep your people, data, infrastructure, and devices as secure as you need them to be.

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Build a solid and resilient security infrastructure with Byteworks

Whether you lack a comprehensive security strategy or just need to improve your security posture, Byteworks has the solutions and expertise to help.

Next-generation Firewalls (NGFW)

In addition to controlling traffic like traditional firewalls, NGFWs provide additional security capabilities that make it easier to inspect complicated network traffic, as well as better protect your organization against modern digital threats. There are many different NGFWs on the market, and Byteworks can help you choose the right one to address your current and future needs.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

As your organization’s users, services, and data extend beyond your on-premises data center, IAM becomes essential. Byteworks can help you deploy IAM policies and solutions like multi-factor authentication to mitigate risk by controlling access to resources across your cloud and on-premises environments – without adding additional complexity for your end-users.

Endpoint Security and MDM

Byteworks can make it easier to manage and secure the growing number of devices across your hybrid environment. Byteworks engineers will work with you to navigate the vendor landscape to choose a solution that will meet or exceed your security requirements and ensure that solution while ensuring optimal performance and utilization through adoption services.


SIEM software collects data generated by your applications, security devices, and other systems – bringing it all together in a centralized platform. Some SIEMs can even automate threat notification and response with visibility into potential threats and trends. Byteworks will help you evaluate your SIEM options, as well as assist with tuning and optimization.

Vulnerability and Patch Management

Vulnerability and patch management are vital to an effective cybersecurity strategy. Byteworks can help you build and execute a lifecycle approach to managing patches and vulnerabilities in the software your organization relies upon – improving your security posture and ensuring your users will never have to worry about disruption to business services.

Partner with Byteworks to get it done right the first time

Byteworks strives to create long-term relationships with every customer. Through a Proven Process, Byteworks will continuously understand your objectives and guarantee that your organization’s security solutions and services are being adopted and delivering your intended outcomes.

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