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The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) was experiencing technical challenges with the organization's meeting and conference room audio-visual equipment. Employees who held meetings struggled to get them started on time due to constant technical difficulties. Inconsistencies between their conference and training rooms also required frequent support from the organization's already busy IT team. Read
In part of a cooperative initiative with the Georgia Department of Labor, the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) faced the challenge of adding 200 new employees from the labor department’s employment services division. The agents were spread out all over the state of Georgia, working remotely from home or from office at one of TCSG’s campuses, and needed advanced communication capabilities such as calling, messaging, and virtual meeting space to support their day-to-day mission of workforce development. Read
Wiregrass Georgia Technical College (WGTC) was seeking a solution to improve remote collaboration among students, faculty, and staff during the pandemic. As part of their hybrid flexible (HyFlex) learning models, the college had established a strategic partnership with Cisco and began using Jabber, a unified communications application. Over time, they outgrew Jabber and were looking for more. Read
A successful provider of managed IT services for non-profit organizations was facing an exponential increase in the storage and processing power needed to support their customers. While the success of the provider’s offerings depended entirely on their ability to provide their own customers with a reliable and efficient network, the company was also looking to significantly grow the business and needed a strategic partner to guide them in their planning. Read
A reputable college struggled to keep up with supporting the increasing number of student devices on campus. The college knew they wanted to make an investment in their wireless infrastructure to not only securely support everyone using the network on campus but also to help with their recruitment efforts by showing their commitment to technology. Finding the right partner in addressing the needs of their campus community across students, faculty and staff seemed insurmountable. Read
A cybersecurity and communications provider to the Department of Defense was looking for a quick turnaround on an out-of-box network solution for use in the harsh environmental conditions of the Middle East. With just 13 days to complete the project, the provider knew they had only one shot at enlisting the right partner to get it right. Read
A commercial bank headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, struggled with a chronically malfunctioning telephony system. In addition to the daily workload of the bank’s busy IT department, the constant communications disruptions were becoming increasingly difficult for the bank’s IT Director to manage. The IT department struggled to stay on top of IT requests, and there was little to no supporting documentation for the telephony system that was in place even to begin unraveling the root of the problem. The bank needed a partner to invest the time and expertise to streamline the system so that the bank’s everyday operations could keep moving. Read
Outdated computer systems paired with a paper-based sourcing and fulfillment process meant an unavoidable data loss and underperforming facilities. Read