Byteworks has years of experience in the private and public sector

Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, technology will continue to play a critical role in everything you do. By partnering with Byteworks, you can keep pace with industry trends and ensure the technology you rely upon will always be ready and able to deliver anything you need.

The Market Segments Byteworks Serves

Since 2011, Byteworks has earned the right to help various organizations across the private and public sectors overcome challenges and achieve goals through the effective use of technology.


Proven IT solutions for both B2B and B2C companies

Byteworks has experience in many commercial industries, including manufacturing, logistics, non-profit, media, and more. Whether you’re a business-to-business or business-to-consumer company, Byteworks will work to understand your objectives and show you how technology can help you accomplish them.

Federal Government

Trusted by the DoD and many other Federal agencies

Most IT companies that serve the Federal government are focused on fulfilling their contractual obligations. Byteworks strives to be invested in your success – ensuring the solutions and services provided to your agency are properly aligned with your mission objectives, so they can deliver real value.


Keep up with employee and resident service expectations

Byteworks can help you maximize your IT budget and investments and scale new capabilities like virtual courtrooms and smart cities and communities. Leveraging state contracts, Byteworks is equipped to provide all the solutions, services, knowledge transfer, and ongoing support you need.


Modernize and secure the delivery of education

Do you envision what learning and curriculum delivery should look like moving forward? From virtual learning to administrative collaboration and network security, Byteworks can provide the solutions and services you need to achieve that vision – even if IT budget and resources are ongoing issues for your institution.


Improve patient care while staying secure and compliant

Byteworks has been helping healthcare organizations leverage technology to streamline operations and patient interactions since 2011. Byteworks can empower your organization to drive healthcare innovation while staying secure and compliant, from introducing telemedicine to giving clinicians on-the-go access to patient data.

Partner with Byteworks to get it done right the first time

Byteworks is a partnership-driven solutions provider founded on integrity, expertise, innovation, and relationship building. Whether you need to modernize your environment or change how you deliver services to your customers, Byteworks will help you get there efficiently and cost-effectively.

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