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Leverage the cloud to innovate, scale, protect data, and deliver services more efficiently

Byteworks engineers are well-versed in all aspects of cloud computing and have been at the helm of successful cloud deployments across both the private and public sectors.

Whether you want to leverage the cloud as infrastructure or a platform for your organization’s applications and services, Byteworks will help you evaluate your options and architect a solution that will get you there in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

Harness the power of the cloud with Byteworks

Through a vendor-agnostic and engineering-led approach, Byteworks will help you decide where and if the cloud makes sense for your infrastructure, applications, or operations – and can assist with the ongoing management of your private, public, or hybrid cloud environments.

Backup and Recovery

Cloud storage repositories offer a cost-effective way to satisfy even the most stringent backup and recovery requirements. Byteworks can provide design, implementation, and support of enterprise-level cloud solutions that will allow your organization backup and recover data more effectively.

Business Continuity

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from cloud providers’ consumption-based pricing model for disaster recovery and business continuity purposes. If you’re tired of managing and paying for an alternate data center, Byteworks will help move DR and BC to the cloud without sacrificing functionality.

Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS offers an opportunity to rapidly expand your IT infrastructure without incurring significant upfront costs and worry less about refresh or maintenance cycles. Byteworks will help you evaluate your IaaS options and align the right providers to your goals and objectives.

Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are both hyperscale providers, but there are significant differences in their offerings, capabilities, billing, and overall suitability. Byteworks will provide the advice you need to identify which platform and services are best for your organization and help with planning, migration, and support.

Microsoft 365

Through Microsoft 365’s cloud offerings, Byteworks will simplify administration and reduce both infrastructure and support costs. Byteworks has extensive experience in greenfield adoption and hybrid migrations for Microsoft applications, including Office, Exchange, SharePoint, and Azure Active Directory.

Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI)

HCI combines compute, storage, and virtualization infrastructure with single-pane-of-glass setup and administration to provide a cloud-ready and agile infrastructure for many use cases. Byteworks will help you determine the role of HCI in your cloud strategy and where traditional infrastructure is appropriate.

Storage and Data Archival

Long-term storage and data archival with hyperscale providers like AWS and Azure provide one of the most straightforward opportunities for cost savings. Byteworks will help you understand how you can leverage cloud-scale storage for everything from auto-tiering arrays to backup repositories, file management, and file archival.

Partner with Byteworks to get it done right the first time

Byteworks strives to create long-term relationships with every customer. Through a Proven Process, Byteworks will continuously understand your objectives and guarantee that the cloud solutions and services are being adopted and delivering your intended outcomes.

Learn how Byteworks can help with your overall cloud strategy and specific cloud use cases:


“Byteworks never upsells. They take a clear interest in our organization and tailor products and systems to meet our actual needs." ”

Guy Foster, Hosepower

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Jim Mazzareli, Genesis Real Estate

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