A College

The IT Problem

A reputable college was struggling to keep up with supporting the increasing number of student devices on campus. The college knew they wanted to make an investment in their wireless infrastructure to not only securely support everyone using the network on campus, but also to help with their recruitment efforts by showing their commitment to technology. Finding the right partner that could address all of the needs of their campus community across students, faculty and staff, seemed like an insurmountable task.

The Byteworks Solution

The college enlisted Byteworks, who had previously worked on two other projects for the school, because they knew they were capable of solving problems that others were unable to fix. Byteworks assessed their current wireless infrastructure, identified critical bottlenecks in the campus connectivity, and designed a robust network capable of supporting all of the college’s user needs now and into the future.

Today, secure wireless access to the college’s online resources is widely available across campus, including academic and administrative buildings and all residential halls, and also provides convenient and secure access to the many campus visitors.