A Community Bank

The IT Problem

A commercial bank headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia was struggling with a chronically malfunctioning telephony system. In addition to the daily workload of the bank’s busy IT department, the constant communications disruptions were becoming increasingly difficult for the bank’s IT Director to manage.

The IT department struggled to stay on top of IT requests, and there was little to no supporting documentation for the telephony system that was in place to even begin unraveling the root of the problem. The bank needed a partner that could invest the time and expertise to streamline the system so that the bank’s everyday operations could keep moving.

The Byteworks Solution

Byteworks engineers completed an in-depth analysis and documentation of the entire IT environment, prior to determining the scope of work. This gave everyone an inside look at vulnerabilities and helped to identify and prioritize the bank’s most critical needs. The teams were then able to develop and implement a ticketing system that provided seamless escalation of issues outside the skill set of the bank’s onsite technicians.

A customized infrastructure was implemented, linking all phases of the product cycle — from orders received, through sourcing and manufacturing, to shipping and delivery. In the end, the bank was able to significantly streamline operations and enhance the working environment for its employees with the implementation of a sophisticated solution of wireless networks, switches, routers, and scannable access points.