Byteworks Launches New Brand

The team at Byteworks is excited to launch our new, modern brand. With Byteworks poised for significant growth, we knew it was important to have a brand that could grow along with us.

Our rebranding started with the exploration of creating a very advanced and somewhat futuristic typography style for the “BW” that, from just a glance, could help define advancing technology.


We explored many shapes and ways of encompassing the typography and were very drawn to the hexagon shape. With engineering at the core of everything we do, the hexagon is often seen in nature as a strong engineering design with it’s interlocking ability and use in such forms as hives.

From this point, the hexagon was brought into the overall brand presence. A palette of colors were generated that, when married together, feels masculine and artistic at the same time. These colors bring together a warmth and friendliness that is representative of the Byteworks team.

This style has been carried throughout all of the collateral and online designs, and will also serve as inspiration for interior office elements as the company grows.

When founding Byteworks, our goal was to create a technology company with a unique philosophy driven purely by engineering.  We’re proud to now have a unique brand that reflects our smarter approach to IT.



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