Cisco Duo Unveiled: New Features

Navigating the landscape of cybersecurity requires a combination of advanced tools and expert knowledge. Byteworks, as a leader in delivering innovative technology solutions, is thrilled to unveil Cisco Duo’s new features. Our goal is to arm IT professionals with the necessary insights to bolster their organization’s security while ensuring a seamless user experience. We want to help our customers take advantage of all the new features.

Embracing the New: Duo Editions Reimagined

In a move to ensure the Duo offerings are precisely aligned with user needs, the names of Duo editions have undergone a transformation:

Duo MFA is now Duo Essentials

Duo Access is now Duo Advantage

Duo Beyond is now Duo Premier

Despite these name changes, the pricing for these editions remains consistent. More importantly additional features and capabilities were added to the Essentials license that previously were only available to higher tiered editions.

Trusted Endpoints: Broadened Accessibility and Enhanced Security

Trusted Endpoints feature was previously available only to users of Duo Premier; however, as a significant Duo enhancement, Trusted Endpoints is now available to Duo Essentials and Duo Advantage. This strategic expansion ensures that a wider array of organizations can now leverage this critical security feature.

Trusted Endpoints allow organizations to block access from unknown or untrusted devices, ensuring that only verified and secure devices can access critical resources. This adds an extra layer of security, protecting against potential threats and unauthorized access.

Proactive Security with Device Activity Notifications

Cisco Duo now offers device activity notifications in a public preview, empowering end-users with immediate alerts for added or removed devices on their accounts. This proactive approach ensures that users can swiftly confirm changes or report any discrepancies, enhancing the organization’s security responsiveness.

Clarity in User Experience and Administration

The language has been refined in the Self-Service Portal settings under Duo Single Sign-On > Duo Central in the Duo Admin Panel, ensuring a more intuitive user experience. Furthermore, administration capabilities have been broadened, allowing both Administrators and Owners to enable passwordless authentication and access reporting. Owners also gain the ability to customize their Duo Single Sign-On (SSO) subdomain, contributing to brand consistency and aiding in the identification of phishing attacks.

Advanced Insights With Risk-Based Authentication Reporting

For Duo Advantage and Premier customers utilizing risk-based policies, the Authentication Log’s Trust Assessment column now provides detailed reasons for step-up authentication decisions, aiding in prompt and informed response to potential security incidents.

Strengthening Security With Duo Admin API Updates

Aligning with industry best practices, we have discontinued support for server-side key generation for authenticator enrollments and removed the ability to activate older versions of Duo Mobile, bolstering our platform’s overall security.

Byteworks: Your Cybersecurity Solution Provider

At Byteworks, we believe in delivering more than just technology; we deliver experiences that are rooted in expertise and characterized by excellence. Our model is designed to ensure that you are not just informed about Cisco Duo’s capabilities but also proficient in leveraging its full potential to safeguard your digital assets.

We are hosting a webinar, “Focus on Security: What’s Doin’ with Cisco Duo.” This event aims to shed light on how Cisco Duo can enhance your network security and lower cyber insurance premiums by establishing a zero trust environment. Here’s a sneak peek at the event’s agenda:

Discover the latest enhancements and how they benefit you.

Explore the various applications of Cisco Duo and understand why it’s paramount in achieving zero trust.

Learn about the outcomes and profound benefits driven by this powerful tool.

Don’t miss out on valuable insights provided at our webinar. Secure your spot today!

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