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The All-New Webex Contact Center from Cisco – A Sneak Peek!

Companies are looking for ways to not only improve call center performance but also provide high-quality customer experiences that are seamless no matter who and how a customer is engaging with an organization – be it webchat, email, voice and social communications.

In this edition of the Byteworks video blog series, Jeremiah Plaskett, solutions executive from Byteworks, sits down with Senior Unified Communications Engineer, Rob Patmore, for a sneak peek at the new Webex Contact Center.

What is Webex Call Center?

Webex Contact Center is an all-in-one, cloud-based solution featuring webchat, email and voice calling control designed to enhance the customer experience for call centers.

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Webex Contact Center delivers the innovation, flexibility, scalability, and agility of the cloud without sacrificing security. As a cloud-based subscription, Webex Contact Center enables rapid time to market and time to new revenue while minimizing upfront capital investment.

  • Reduce complexity and expense
  • Enhance productivity and lower the total cost of ownership
  • Bring security and unlimited visibility, flexibility, and scalability to Webex Contact Center
  • Speed to deploy new functionality is drastically reduced compared to premise-based contact centers

Key Features of Webex Contact Center

Omnichannel Out of the Box

Customer service call centers must be omnichannel – meaning they must provide a seamless experience for the customer across all touchpoints. Telephone and email are no longer enough as many companies have the need for web chat capabilities and social media communications.

Cisco’s WebEx Contact Center presents a unified interface for managers, agents, and administrators where customer histories are maintained and displayed across an enterprise to provide context and better customer service. No one likes to repeat the problem as their call is passed from agent to agent.

Call Routing

Cisco’s solution matches customers with representatives for a better customer experience. Using an agent profile, Contact Center transfers the call to the individual with the best skills to meet the customer’s needs. Not only does the customer get a quicker answer, but the queue time is reduced to better customer service.

Agent and Expert Collaboration

Collaboration tools make it possible for agents to connect with experts to answer customer questions at first contact. Instead of transferring a call, the agent can speak with a subject matter expert to provide the best possible answer. Customer service representatives can contact managers for clarification to quickly reduce wait times.

Reporting and Dashboards

Whether it’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), the Webex Contact Center aggregates data to provide reports on customer interactions and activities. The same data can display on the dashboard for current statistics on operations.


Existing integration tools let organizations create enterprise-wide workflows that enable data sharing for improved performance. Information is no longer hidden in silos but stored in the cloud for ready access and integration.


Contact Center has an optional suite of workforce tools so that supervisors can manage schedules and forecast staffing needs. Data forms the basis for forecasting trends and measuring quality, efficiency, and performance including:

  • Trend analysis. Use the information to identify trends and develop solutions to address those trends before they become a standard way of doing business.
  • Dashboards. Data displayed on dashboards can be historical or current. Dashboards can be updated in real-time to provide the most up-to-date information for decision-making. At a glance, managers can see queues, agent actions, and call volumes.
  • Reports. Generating reports on key performance indicators at set intervals can be completed automatically. Not only can the reports be generated without human intervention, but they can also be distributed, so everyone is working off the same set of facts.

The Future of Customer Experience

Whether you’re a new business creating your first call center, a medium-size business looking to improve call center operations, or a large enterprise needing visibility and control over multiple call center sites, Webex Contact Center empowers you to deliver the future of customer experiences.

If you’re looking for ways to monitor and enhance your call center’s performance and customer experience, the Webex Contact Center is worth a look.

As an IT infrastructure consulting firm that focuses on data centers, cybersecurity enterprise networking and collaboration, Byteworks helps organizations of all sizes unify their communications with seamless call center infrastructure design and support.

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