Managed IT Provider

The IT Problem

A successful provider of managed IT services for non-profit organizations was facing an exponential increase in the storage and processing power needed to support their customers. While the success of the provider’s offerings depended entirely on their ability to provide their own customers with a reliable and efficient network, the company was also looking to significantly grow the business and needed a strategic partner to guide them in their planning.

The Byteworks Solution

Considering the budget, Byteworks developed a two-phased plan to quickly address current needs, anticipate long-term growth, and improve the user experience. The first phase of the network design addressed the provider’s need for high-bandwidth connectivity within the core.

The second phase of the network design ensured that the client was adequately prepared for future growth of the data sets they managed for their clients. After completing the two-phased redesign, the network was prepared for more growth and significantly faster, enabling faster services for their customers.

Get IT Support that Puts Your Business First

Leverage Byteworks to incorporate the appropriate technology solutions to achieve your organizations’ goals. Streamline your IT services with Byteworks. so that you can get back to what you do best, and let the technology do the rest.