HIPAA is no longer the only regulation in town.

State and local governments are requiring all cloud-based solution providers who store, process or transmit PII or PHI to adopt a common standard known as StateRAMP. This new model focuses on proactive audits, certification, and fines, and it will have major effects across the healthcare industry. For many providers, this means you must now utilize cloud-based security tools that are compliant with StateRAMP, but not all MDR platforms are created equal or compliant!

Join us for our Focus on Security in Healthcare webinar to learn:

  • What are the changes in healthcare regulations?
  • Who is required to be compliant with these changes?
  • What are the new requirements?

Learn more with this look through the lens of a cloud-based provider of MDR services to healthcare: ActZero.

    Adam Mansour

    Adam Mansour

    Chief Security Officer, ActZero

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    States are Changing their Healthcare Cybersecurity Regulations

    Healthcare organizations are overly inundated with patients and legacy regulations to comply with. Security teams are not keeping up with new, changing legislation in the market. Being StateRAMP certified ensures your healthcare organization won’t be fined, and can continue serving the government and public education institutions in your local market.