Are you getting the most from your MFA tool?

Did you know MFA with Cisco DUO has new, additional advanced features available to current DUO users? Multi-faceted authentication is an important tool in your technology stack to achieve a ZeroTrust environment. It can lower your cyberinsurance premiums, and put your organization on a “passwordless” roadmap. In case you haven’t taken a recent look, there’s more to DUO than meets the eye. Are you getting the most from your MFA tool? Come join this session to learn more!


Join us for our Focus on Security with Cisco DUO to learn:

  • • What’s new with Cisco DUO for current and new users
    • The use cases of DUO & why it’s critical for ZeroTrust
    • The outcomes & benefits the tool is driving
Allen Bracey

Allen Bracey

Security Partner Specialist

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Protect Your Network

MFA tools such as Cisco DUO reduce security threats on endpoints by requiring an added level of authentication from users. DUO is used in several
environments including offices, remote work locations, and home offices. MFA with tools like Cisco DUO also reduce cyberinsurance premiums.