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Byteworks managed network security services will defend your business or organization from sophisticated cyberattacks.

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Protect Your Network From Today’s Top Threats

In today’s complex network architecture with ever-expanding users, devices, locations and applications, there are constant security threats that make it challenging to keep your critical digital infrastructure protected.

Many IT teams find themselves overwhelmed with the administration and management of security across the enterprise. This is especially true for network administrators who manage large numbers of complex security tools, each with its own policies and practices. One misconfiguration can lead to network vulnerabilities.

Firewall misconfigurations cause 99% of firewall breaches.

What Is Network Security Management?

Managed network security management allows for centralized protection of physical and virtual firewalls. It provides visibility into the entire network from a single console that supports your network security and establishes compliance.

Network security management provides:

  • Simplified, collective management interface for physical and virtual systems
  • Real-time visibility into network behavior and firewall traffic
  • Automated device configuration
  • Enforcement of global policies
  • Secured network for remote sites
  • Detailed reporting for improved decision making

Make sure you’re protected with Network Security Management Best Practices

Download our free eBook and stay on top of the latest Network Security Management best practices. Inside you’ll learn best practices for physical, technical and administrative network security.

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Byteworks Managed Network Security Services

Byteworks gets rid of cybersecurity headaches. Our highly trained security professionals and engineers partner with your IT team and provide remote management and support for your internal or external network infrastructure – including hardware, software, and data protection applications. We will reduce the impact of network security problems by providing proactive support and resolving issues as they arise within defined service level agreements (SLAs).

Our managed network security services include:

Cloud Network Security

Configure, manage, and monitor your cloud infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Management

Optimize monitoring, detection, and vulnerability identification practices and provide assistance with adds/moves/changes, incident investigation, and service tuning.

Managed Vulnerability Management

VMaaS that helps you offload day-to-day operations to experts who provide the granular focus each vulnerability demands .

Firewall Management

Configure, manage, and monitor your next-generation firewall (NGFW).

Managed Identity Access Management

Configure, manage, and monitor your IAM product.

Security Awareness Management

Improve protection, strengthen resilience, and achieve compliance.

Cisco Network Security Solutions

Byteworks is a Cisco partner with access to the tools you need to protect and modernize your network.

Our Cisco network security solutions include:

  • Secure Hybrid Work
  • Zero Trust
  • Secure Access Edge (SASE)

Byteworks Managed Network Security Services

With experience in both the private and public sectors, Byteworks managed network security services result in:

  • Less operating costs of your IT network
  • Proactive maintenance and issue prevention
  • Enhanced network security and compliance with security regulations
  • High level of network availability that maximizes business productivity
  • Confidence that your network is protected from outside threats

Our managed network security services will ensure measurable business value in terms of time saved and peace of mind that your business or organization is protected 24/7.

The Path to Peace of Mind

With Byteworks Managed Services, you can remove the complexities of managing technology from your daily operations.

Byteworks engineers will work as your outsourced IT department or a natural extension of your internal team so you can focus your time, budget, and resources on more strategic initiatives.

Our managed network security services will ensure measurable business value in terms of time saved and peace of mind that your business or organization is protected 24/7.

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Experience Seamless IT Services

Experience Seamless IT Services | Byteworks


Understand your objectives, challenges, and stakeholders – as well as what is working, and what is not.


Design a solution that addresses your objectives, fits within the budget, and drives your intended outcomes.


Determine actions and responsibilities for success, incorporate user feedback, and set realistic expectations.


Execute the plan while holding teams and stakeholders accountable to ensure ongoing, mutual success.


Empower your teams with the knowledge required to not only use, but also maintain new capabilities.


Drive user adoption, gather feedback on usability, and facilitate discovery for any needed enhancements.


Drive intentionality about user adoption within the organization, receive feedback on usability, and facilitate discovery for additional enhancements.


Empower the business staff with the knowledge they need to use and maintain their new capability.


Execute on the plan, hold stakeholders accountable for their responsibilities, and deliver success.


Gather an understanding of the business challenges and stakeholders, what is working and what is not.


Develop a solution that addresses the business needs, fits within the allocated budget, and sets realistic goals.


Determine actions and responsibilities for a successful project, establish expectations, and incorporate end user feedback.


“Byteworks never upsells. They take a clear interest in our organization and tailor products and systems to meet our actual needs.”

Guy Foster, Hosepower

“Byteworks never over-promises or under-delivers. They set expectations and exceed them every time.”

Jim Mazzareli, Genesis Real Estate

“While others will just quote and install, Byteworks always pushes to make sure what we're asking for is what we actually need.”

Tom Proctor, Envistacom

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Byteworks strives to create long-term relationships with our customers. We work to continuously understand your objectives and guarantee that the solutions and managed services you adopt deliver your intended outcomes.

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