Core, Access and Data Center Switching

The network is built on Ethernet. The Ethernet network keeps the organization running and requires ever-more complex decisions to keep traffic moving fast and without errors.

Today, switching infrastructure does more than deliver Internet Protocol (IP) traffic but also power to lighting, video, digital signage, and even building control systems.
Despite this conglomeration of traffic types, there is a significant advantage to maintaining a single Ethernet network. The simplification eliminates redundancies, reduces cost, and simplifies building automation. The technology specification is built to address those needs in extremely robust fashion. As a result, all buildings in the future will increase their dependencies on Ethernet core, access, and data center switching. Organizations do well to strengthen their Ethernet networking infrastructure as part of their strategic planning.

Byteworks works carefully with clients to develop strategic assessments, deploy and implement, as well as manage and optimize core Ethernet capability to future-proof ambition and success.Placed CandidatePlaced CandidatePlaced Candidate