Crisis Communication

Enterprise IT must prepare for superlative communications with internal and external users during a time of crisis. How well will the collaboration tools function when the demand for it escalates? The question begs answers about more than the technical details and infrastructure, but also about the design, the engineering, that sets it up to perform well all the time.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought these needs to the top of the priority list. In only days organizations had to transform the workforce to remote work without losing a single moment of business opportunity.

Byteworks engineers resilient communication and collaboration technologies for clients who need no excuses to keep the business ahead of customer expectations.

Many of Byteworks clients had to stand up TeleHealth and TeleMedicine capabilities overnight. They had to set up instant messaging, file sharing, presence capabilities for entire new groups of their workforces. They had to send phones and devices to employees at home and they had to turn up unprecedented volumes of cloud services quickly and effectively. Their web conferencing and other cloud services in many cases doubled and tripled in subscriptions overnight, and they needed an expert to help manage and understand the implications financially. They had to rethink their entire customer contact systems and technologies in use, and the ability of their employees to re-adjust and become “remote-agents” versus in the call center. They needed new and radical ways of allowing their customers to reach them.

These were in many cases, brand new challenges that Byteworks clients had never had to worry about, until this pandemic. Byteworks’ Collaboration team delivered by being there every step of the way during these challenging times. They helped their clients stand up TeleHealth systems, expanded Call Centers, rerouted calls and other customer contact queuing systems, set up new web chat and other forms of customer outreach, deployed VPN and other remote cloud technologies – All to help their clients address and manage the crisis. Byteworks can do the same for your company so you can rest easy and know, that your company can still run, can still communicate effectively, inside and outside your organization, so you can still meet and exceed all your client and employee needs.Placed CandidatePlaced CandidatePlaced Candidate