Customer Experience (CX)

To attract and keep employees and customers, an acceptable Customer Experience is table stakes. A superior CX is a competitive advantage that protects growing market share the longer it is delivered.

Customer Experience (or CX) is the defined as the perception or impression of a user from the start to the end of their journey, throughout their interactions with an organization. For the most ambitious and competitive organization, a superior CX takes a commitment of every aspect to meet a defined standard and imposes a large burden on the IT. To meet the requirement, Enterprise IT must be well-engineered and continuously improved.

Byteworks has made very large investments in this space and is extremely committed to an unrivaled Customer Experience for its clients. The firm works closely with partners and clients to assess, implement, and manage a sustainable CX worthy of market leadership.

First-class Contact Centers from Byteworks

Customers today do not expect fast, friendly, and personalized service. When they get it, their response is emotional and reflexive. Their surprise becomes delight they remark on, remember, and reward.

Organizations have invested billions of dollars in expensive, unsustainable overhead to do what modern Enterprise IT can now accomplish with less work. Technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytics fuel a significant business development opportunity.

Byteworks clients bring a consistent and rewarding experience to their customers through a custom Customer Contact system supported by the latest IT innovations. Byteworks engineers these centers to delight customers. The technology facilitates a human interaction to make business transactions more engaging and rewarding than customers can get with inferior competitive options.

The objective of Byteworks’ Contact Center is to contribute to the organization’s revenue and market share. As a result, the solution is designed to transform five opportunities insurmountable to most organizations:

  1. Connect the customer to the right internal expertise: Agents need quick and easy access to context, customer data, and experts inside organizations without hindrance or delay.
  2. Seamless multi-channel experience: Customers want to engage easily via channels of their choice and a well-engineered system will make that possible.
  3. Holistic productivity: Maintaining consistent agent productivity requires efficient processes and intuitive desktop tools. IT staff productivity demands the system be simple to manage, easily scaled, and integrated with open, standardized tools.
  4. Modular innovation: Contact centers struggle to adopt modern technology. Removing this obstacle preserves the service-level value and protects the business value. Leverage new or existing capability from solutions such as Salesforce.
  5. Agent turnover: Contact center agents are business assets that appreciate nicely with time if kept happy and engaged. Better tools to help manage and access information is crucial. The right tool saves massive recruiting and training costs in terms of both money and time.

Enterprise IT Engineering Keeps a Human Face in Front of Business

Byteworks engineers Customer Experience solutions for any use case. Deploy a Contact Center as on-prem or cloud based solution customized to the business imperative.

Contact Center

Choose from on Premise or Cloud-based Customer Call Center Systems or CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) in the cloud.


On-Premise and Cloud Customer Analytics offer Byteworks clients unparalleled visibility into customers activity – and business potential.


Deploy innovative and fully qualified technology to support quality of care to remote patients.

Cognitive Collaboration

Put AI to work and put knowledge, data, and insight in support agents’ hands for faster, more precisely effective, and more personalized conversations with customers.