Enterprise Wireless

Despite that provisioning wireless IP (WiFi) that meets performance and security expectations across an enterprise is one of the more challenging tasks in-house IT departments face today, expansion is imperative.

Wireless clients have superseded wired counterparts for most organizations. Designing and implementing a secure, stable, and fast WiFi network is a daunting task. Special consideration must be given to the physical aspects of facilities, including distance and potential interference (including wall construction), as well as the device movement within and among buildings. Wireless deployments must also factor the performance requirements of applications that will use the WiFi network. All these factors must be calculated to accommodate the expectations for ever-increasing speed new devices demand.

Enterprise wireless must live up to a simplified, consumer-grade WiFi expectations of end-users with much more complex, responsible overhead.

Byteworks works closely with clients to engineer a superior Enterprise wireless to optimize user performance. Placed CandidatePlaced CandidatePlaced Candidate