Productivity Applications

Productivity is the cornerstone of any successful business with technology providing the foundation for sustainable growth.

Legacy internal instant messaging has evolved into a “Team Productivity and Collaboration tool” that not only allows 1-to-1 chat, but integrates several collaboration and productivity enhancing tools into one technology called “Unified Client.” Unified Clients support the following capabilities via a single application:

• Secure Instant Team Messaging and Presence
• Virtual “Spaces” or “Rooms” that can be used to organize conversations, projects, teams, etc.
• Desktop and Screen Sharing
• File Sharing
• Voice Calling
• Video Calling
• Web and Video Conferencing
• Recording of Meetings (Audio and Video)
• Integrations and Bots
• Mobility (App works on PC/Mac, Tablets, Phones)
• Wireless Integration to Video Systems

Unified Technologies Present Complex Configurations

Unified Clients permit modular or selective feature deployment. As such they become the primary Collaboration tool and are integrated with multiple business applications.

Properly designed and deployed, Unified Clients foster better cooperation, efficiency and productivity. The converse is also true—improperly engineered collaboration tools create siloed information, inefficiency, and expensive mistakes.

Byteworks carefully engineers Unified Clients and consolidated collaboration tools to support and promote business growth.