Software-defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN)

Software-defined functionality brings to wide area networking an automation component to WAN dependencies. Historically such things as redundant circuits, or different circuit types, site-to-site routing, Internet VPN, and Quality of Service (QoS) configuration are often difficult to engineer and maintain, especially as the network scope increases.

SD-WAN can leverage and use Internet, MPLS, and 5G connections to create secure connections back to the organization’s headquarters and hyper scale cloud providers. Cloud security providers can also be easily leveraged with SD-WAN providing content filters and data protection that organizations require.

As a result, SD-WAN is can be an appropriate solution to a business challenge. It can reduce organizational overhead and free up IT personnel to focus on other more critical business functions. However, there are caveats. SD-WAN may represent performance trade-offs best identified through a careful Enterprise IT environment and use-case assessment.

Byteworks assists organizations of all types and sizes plan, design, and implement SD-WAN solutions that are engineered to meet the business objective.Placed CandidatePlaced CandidatePlaced Candidate